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 |>    MUAs always set appropriate MIME headers.  RFC 2046 section 4.1.2
 |>    paragraph 8 also "strongly" recommends the explicit inclusion of a
 |>    "charset" parameter even for us-ascii.

So that really went me looking again, and i read

 The default character set, which must be assumed in the absence
 of a charset parameter, is US-ASCII.

I have read the following though.  Still, you know...

 |>    Consequently, i think using 8bit is indeed better for our mail(1)
 |>    than quoted-printable or base64.

I have nothing to say beside that, but want to point out that to
the best of my knowledge 8bit content-type only refers to MIME
part contents, it does _not_ refer to any email headers.
Non-7-bit clean headers need RFC 2047 (and/or RFC 2231) encoding.
So letting aside any email addresses which possibly would require
IDNA encoding,

 |  if (hp->h_subject != NULL && w & GSUBJECT)
 |-             fprintf(fo, "Subject: %s\n", hp->h_subject), gotcha++;
 |+             fprintf(fo, "Subject: %s\n", hp->h_subject);

that is not (again, to the best of my knowledge, i had to read
again all those standards, .. after many years) covered by

 |+     if (multibyte)
 |+             fprintf(fo, "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
 |+                 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n");

That is to say: just in case someone thinks this.

Ciao Omar!

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