Hello everybody

I posted a couple of days ago regarding the Victor Reader Stream and the Blaze 
ET.  I’m very pleased to be able to report now that my Victor Reader Stream 
(2013 Generation) has decided that it does like my network after all, and it 
has now gone online and downloaded a major update to its firmware. I’m 
delighted to say that the V4.7.2 update has reinstated the working links to the 
BBC’s radio services and, as such, they are all working again.  That is, for me 
at least, a pretty major plus point. I’ve been looking for a portable radio 
solution that gives me Internet radio services for quite some time, and now, I 
have one sitting on the arm of my chair.

One thing I like about the Victor Reader Stream is its Internet playlist 
support. Tell it which country you want to listen too, and you get a menu full 
of stations from that country.  I think, from memory, the International 
playlist is actually all grouped into one, which could  be better. But at least 
it works.

Incidentally, I have also been researching the Victor Reader Stratus, to see 
what the differences are between it and the Stream.  It appears that the 
Stratus is a far less portable version of the Stream.  It contains a CD drive, 
SD card slot, USB port, I think that is a fun size port. But it does not handle 
miscellaneous audio  books, has no Audible support and is far less flexible 
about text and other files.

Given this information, I see absolutely no advantage in the Stratus. I don’t 
see anything that it will do better than either the Stream or the Blaze ET.  So 
as far as I’m concerned, I have the right models to suit me.


My compliments and kindest regards
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