Actually mate, it’s the 6th.  I have 2 Samsung Galaxy phones, an iPhone, the 
Logitech SqueezeBox Boom, the Stream and the Blaze.  Own yes, and not to 
mention that Panasonic radio which I have never got working on the Internet, 
despite the fact that it will handle Internet radio.  Maybe one day.  But the 
Stream, especially with the customised playlist which my contact at HumanWare 
Europe sent me this afternoon, is now a very useable platform.  I suspect that 
the interface of the Blaze is probably better, I will get around to playing 
with that later on. But I’m certainly not complaining  Regarding the Samsung 
phones, I’ve never tried talking to that unit.  When over at Hartlepool where I 
used to work, my supposed support worker tried talking to it and she got more 
and more frustrated because it wouldn’t do what she was telling it to do.  I 
sat there with tongue in cheek because she wouldn’t listen to my advice not to 
shout at it and not to hold the microphone right up to her over-large mouth! 
But I haven’t tried talking to mine, and I’m not totally sure how you activate 
the interface actually, shame on me! I’m going to give it a whirl, assuming 
it’s something like SIRI on iOS where you just hold in the button for a couple 
of seconds and speak calmly and nicely to it. I’ve always found that I achieved 
best results on SIRI if I speak nicely to it. I frequently use speech on that 
interface to quickly make phone calls. I admit that sometimes I find that more 
beneficial than opening up my contact list and double-tapping on the person I 
want to call.  I’m sure that should work on the Samsung phones as well, I’ve 
simply never tried. I must address that gaping hole in my knowledge base.

I do know somebody over here who, quite a while ago now, believed that SIRI 
wouldn’t work for him. So, he decided one day to be a smart Aleck, and holding 
down the home button, he got the speech bubble, then said “Dial 9 9 9”. His 
phone obediently dialled the emergency services number and before he knew what 
had happened he got a message back saying “Which service do you require?” 
Thinking it was his phone talking to him rather than a real person, he 
responded “Police”. As you can imagine, he got a rather nasty shock when he 
found himself actually speaking to the police switchboard service. His mobile 
number was, of course, logged at the police station and traced. He received an 
official portion for playing games with the emergency services. That is 
absolutely true, so now he seems to have a lot more respect for SIRI – I wonder 


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> On 14 Oct 2016, at 17:58, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:
> That's the second portable Internet radio unit you have  - or perhaps the 
> third - let truth be told.
> Not only do you have your Blaze ET but you also have the Samsung Galaxy 
> phone, command it to "Listen To BBC Radio 4" and see what happens <smile>.
> Happy Listening whatever and however you're listening.
> On 15/10/2016 3:14 AM, Gordon Smith wrote:
>> Hello everybody
>> I posted a couple of days ago regarding the Victor Reader Stream and the 
>> Blaze ET.  I’m very pleased to be able to report now that my Victor Reader 
>> Stream (2013 Generation) has decided that it does like my network after all, 
>> and it has now gone online and downloaded a major update to its firmware. 
>> I’m delighted to say that the V4.7.2 update has reinstated the working links 
>> to the BBC’s radio services and, as such, they are all working again.  That 
>> is, for me at least, a pretty major plus point. I’ve been looking for a 
>> portable radio solution that gives me Internet radio services for quite some 
>> time, and now, I have one sitting on the arm of my chair.
>> One thing I like about the Victor Reader Stream is its Internet playlist 
>> support. Tell it which country you want to listen too, and you get a menu 
>> full of stations from that country.  I think, from memory, the International 
>> playlist is actually all grouped into one, which could  be better. But at 
>> least it works.
>> Incidentally, I have also been researching the Victor Reader Stratus, to see 
>> what the differences are between it and the Stream.  It appears that the 
>> Stratus is a far less portable version of the Stream.  It contains a CD 
>> drive, SD card slot, USB port, I think that is a fun size port. But it does 
>> not handle miscellaneous audio  books, has no Audible support and is far 
>> less flexible about text and other files.
>> Given this information, I see absolutely no advantage in the Stratus. I 
>> don’t see anything that it will do better than either the Stream or the 
>> Blaze ET.  So as far as I’m concerned, I have the right models to suit me.
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