Hmm. will be interesting to see whether the new version is compatible with 
other countries outside the U.S.
Perhaps I’ve miss-read something but the options described in what you’ve 
posted sound remarkably similar to what is available already.
I myself have been meaning to order one - having set one up already I’m 
impressed by the performance and functionality - however there’s the Google 
Home coming and of course Apple TV will offer similar functionality however 
that will be limited to the Apple TV box itself and not a separate unit.

> On 17 Oct. 2016, at 4:49 am, Gordon Smith <> wrote:
> Remember though, these options will apply to the old version. The new one 
> does not hit the market until 28 October.
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>> On 16 Oct 2016, at 18:27, Chris Moore < 
>> <>> wrote:
>> I love mine, and with the help of wemo switches and ITaTT I have my lights 
>> automatically coming on at sunset  
>> Sent from my iPhone
>> On 16 Oct 2016, at 4:25 pm, Dane Trethowan < 
>> <>> wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> I know someone who bought one and he's extremely happy with it though he 
>>> had to do a little fiddling to have it work properly in Australia.
>>> Even now the Echo still doesn't read phone numbers correctly - we have 8 
>>> digit phone numbers whereas the U.S. have 7 digit phone numbers. -
>>> Part of getting the Echo working correctly was to set it to a location with 
>>> the same time zone as Australia, Guam was the obvious choice here.
>>> Then the problem arose of getting the App from the IOS App store, the Echo 
>>> App isn't available in Australia so a workaround had to be put into place.
>>> I don't recall all of what had to be done now as it was some time     ago - 
>>> I actually posted all the steps required to techno-chat at the time - but 
>>> now my friend can sign into his account on the web and control the echo 
>>> from there - well most of it -.
>>> As was written in the original mail, there are 3 different echos available 
>>> right now and a review of each model was in Access World a couple of months 
>>> ago, turns out the original echo is by far the best one to buy and - from 
>>> the demos I've heard - I'd be pretty happy with that too.
>>> Amazon does have competition from the Google Home device, the Google Home 
>>> was demonstrated on the BBC Radio 4 Today show a month or so back, I 
>>> actually heard the demo live, Google is to launch the Home soon.
>>> If you'd rather get ahead of the Home and the Echo - and you have an 
>>> Android phone - then you can either try the Google Allo App or - if you'd 
>>> rather your Android device be shiny and new with all the features of Amazon 
>>> Echo and Google Home Built-in - buy a Google Pixel smartphone.
>>> On 15/10/2016 6:22 AM, Gordon Smith wrote:
>>>> Hello everybody
>>>> I’ve been silently watching this one for about 5 months now, and tonight I 
>>>> placed an order for one. It isn’t just a speaker that you can listen from, 
>>>> it’s a “Listener” that you can talk too. You add all your commands 
>>>> verbally, and you can now have it do quite a wide range of tasks for you. 
>>>> It’s the first step along the way towards a “Smart” home; read on:
>>>> Amazon's voice-activated smart home speaker is undeniably futuristic, but 
>>>> it's also practical and accessible. With a rapidly growing slate of 
>>>> features and integrations, it's easy to get excited about the Echo's 
>>>> potential.
>>>> THE BAD The Echo's sound quality is uneven at times, with weak bass at 
>>>> high volumes. The growing list of "Skills" in the Alexa app could also 
>>>> benefit from better organisation.
>>>> THE BOTTOM LINE More than a year after its debut, the Echo is smarter than 
>>>> ever, and one of the best connected home products money can currently buy.
>>>> Autumn 2016 update
>>>> Since introducing the original Amazon Echo in November 2014, Amazon has 
>>>> continued to refresh and expand its lineup of hands-free, voice-enabled 
>>>> speakers. In April, the company introduced the Echo  
>>>> <>Dot, which is a smaller 
>>>> version of the Echo, and in September returned with an updated version of 
>>>> the Dot, simultaneously cutting its price almost in half to $50(US) or £50 
>>>> (UK Sterling).
>>>> This new Echo Dot, has a slightly sleeker design than the original, though 
>>>> it comes equipped with the same array of seven microphones and advanced 
>>>> noise-cancelling technology. Amazon says that the new Dot features a more 
>>>> powerful speech processor, which delivers improved far-field speech 
>>>> recognition accuracy. It's currently available for preorder and will ship 
>>>> on 28 October.
>>>> The original, more expensive Echo can fill a room with sound. The Dot 
>>>> features much of the same functionality as the Echo, just with a less 
>>>> powerful speaker and a line-out plug on the back. In April, also Amazon 
>>>> introduced the $130.00 Echo Tap. Because it runs on a battery, you need to 
>>>> hit a button to initiate interactions; it's less convenient than the 
>>>> always-listening Echo and Dot, but it's also portable. And once you do 
>>>> push the button, you can issue voice commands to Alexa, play music from 
>>>> your phone or stream it over Wi-Fi, check the weather or news, and issue 
>>>> commands to control your smart home.
>>>> I can’t wait! I’ve ordered the full Echo, so if there’s interest I shall 
>>>> produce an extensive audio demonstration to show it off in all its glory.
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