In my humble opinion, this is a great offer! I just acquired it because I’ve 
trusted Vipre for years, and the ratings when set against its competition speak 
for themselves. They scored 100% in threat detection, and 0% false positives. 
Cyber crime is on the up! And this time of year seems to be one of the worst 
times for data and identity theft.

Christmas is coming, and of course, (although I personally am dreading it), the 
cyber criminals just can’t wait! From now on in, people are Christmas shopping, 
and obviously criminals make juicy promises which some people just cannot 

Sadly, some people don’t bother to check the authenticity of their mail. 
Inboxes get filled with juicy-sounding junk, and the criminals sit watching and 
waiting for the gullible.

Anyway, Vipre Internet for Windows won’t slow you down, (unlike some of the 
competition), and Vipre Security for Android is cheap enough to suit anybody’s 

People tell me that Android users don’t need security protection. But the 
evidence so far this year points to that conclusion being utterly wrong! No 
operating system which talks to the Internet, no, not even OS Sierra, is 
totally secure! There are always leak and holes, which is why producers of 
software such as Apple and Microsoft are always having to fight the fight 
against the cyber criminals.

That’s not a criticism of either Apple or Microsoft. Neither is it an 
endorsement of same. It’s just plain strait forward fact!

Which ever option you choose, don’t be fooled into thinking that Microsoft’s 
internal (free) solutions are all you need. Just do your research,  (it’s not 
for me to do that for you) but the facts speak for themselves.

One of our list members has, or had, in his signature a sentence which read: 
“Those who deserve help are those who help themselves”, or something similar. I 
wouldn’t generally endorse that comment, but this is an exception. In this 
specific instance, in my view at least, that comment is spot on correct.

I’ve seen the results of cyber crime this year for myself, on a PC which 
belonged to a family member who wouldn’t take my advice and who just went along 
with the word “Free”! Now, she’s involved in the process of recouping just over 
£1100.0 from her bank. The money was taken directly from her account because 
she didn’t think she needed protection over and beyond that offered by the 
static firewall in her router. Subsequent to that theft, she is now coming to 
me for advice and, what’s more, she’s taking it! Don’t allow yourself to become 
another statistic added to that list.

Sorry for the waffle, but it’s your call!


My compliments and kindest regards
Gordon Smith:
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