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In a nutshell, the Rejection Hotline is a phone number you can give out if you just don't want to give out your real number. Callers hear our humorous Rejection Hotline recording and are not-so-subtly informed of your non-interest. But it's all in good fun and we hope those on the receiving end can look at it like Curt did:

"So I guess I'm one of the 'rejectees' mentioned in the L.A. Times article, because I had a girl give me the Rejection Hotline number at a bar a few weeks ago. But I'm not writing to complain about it at all. Just the opposite, I'm writing to say THANKS! Not only do I think it's hilarious, but I love that I could go on letting my buddies think I had gotten her number that night and none of them were around to give me $h*t when I made the call a few days later and heard the Rejection Hotline message... [and I] realized I've still got a lot to learn when it comes to knowing if a girl's interested or not. Thanks for the laugh and the reality-check!"
-- Curt, Los Angeles

rejection hotline
?       *Boston
o       617-861-3962
?       **New York City
o       212-660-2245
?       New Jersey
o       201-808-6011
?       Philadelpha
o       215-618-1505
?       NEW: Cleveland
o       216-269-0085
?       ***Miami
o       305-241-0033
?       ***Orlando
o       407-338-0036
?       NEW: ***Tampa
o       813-273-8160
?       Phoenix
o       602-230-4210
?       Las Vegas
o       702-386-5397
?       San Diego
o       858-492-8002
?       NEW: San Jose
o       408-236-2060
?       New Hampshire
o       603-413-2340
?       Rhode Island
o       401-648-6543
?       Maine
o       207-376-0768
?       Atlanta
o       770-908-7383
?       San Francisco
o       415-356-9833
?       Denver
o       303-607-7527
?       Los Angeles
o       310-217-7638
?       Washington DC
o       202-452-7468
?       Chicago
o       773-509-5027
?       Seattle
o       206-376-9798
?       Baltimore
o       410-347-1488
?       Virginia
o       703-912-1725
?       Detroit
o       248-262-6861
?       Houston
o       713-866-6249
?       Dallas
o       972-504-6270
?       * More Massachusetts #s
o       617-861-3962
o       508-556-3549
o       781-654-2925
o       978-364-8939
o       413-351-2684
?       ** More New York #s
o       212-660-2245
o       718-971-5245
o       516-730-7245
o       914-269-4245
o       845-259-2245
?       *** More Florida #s
o       305-241-0033
o       407-338-0036
o       813-273-8160
o       321-844-0033
o       561-986-0035
o       954-287-0023

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o       617-861-9507
o       603-413-3623
o       401-648-7950

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The Nicer, Kinder, More Subtle and Gentle Rejection Hotline
o       781-382-3478

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o       781-382-375

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