Hybrid Power

New York car services range from the stylish to the stinky. But they all
have one thing in common: They¹re lumbering gas-guzzlers.

(Yes, you should feel guilty for renting that hideous Escalade limo.)

Ozocar, a new hybrid-only car service, is changing the formula. Because
luxury isn¹t about size, it¹s about attitude (and amenities).

Stuck in traffic? Catch up on your e-mail with the wireless Internet router
and backseat outlet. Laptop packed in the trunk? No sweat, most of the cars
have an iBook waiting to be borrowed. Tired of 1010 WINS? There¹s Sirius
satellite radio. The drivers are dispatched by GPS-equipped BlackBerries.
That means no endless squawking on the airwaves and no trouble finding that
gallery on Attorney Street.

Most of the fleet comprises the adorable Prius ‹ which may look like a
pip-squeak, but the back has a surprising amount of legroom. If you¹re an
indulgent packer, ask for a hybrid SUV to tote you and the Tumi to the

A trip from Manhattan to JFK is $65; to LaGuardia is $50. The drivers are
courteous and clearly love their cars. How could they not? They¹re cute,
quiet, and use 70 percent less gas.

So you see, it¹s actually pretty easy being gree

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