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Dear Colleagues,

May I ask that you all utilize your own networks and contacts to promote
and distribute the call for applications I am posting here widely? We
would be very appreciative if you could help to introduce the program to
students on your campus as well as hopefully encourage those interested
in the MPP Media program to apply.


The  Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS) provides a
semester program aimed primarily for US and European law students
interested in media and communications policy. In the semester program
(offered only in fall), students remain enrolled at their home
institution but spend an exciting semester in Budapest, engaging in the
Program in "Media, Information and Telecommunication Policy" which is
part of CEU's Public Policy Program and taking selected courses
(including courses on EU law) from the gifted CEU faculty.  Students,
after satisfying requirements, can receive up to 12 credits from their
home institution.

With a highly structured semester, combining coursework on media and
communication law and policy topics and research opportunities at the
CMCS, the program will appeal to law students seeking to gain a more
international or comparative perspective on media. This program has been
developed in connection with the University of Pennsylvania (Annenberg
School for Communication) and students from the University of
Pennsylvania, Tulane and Cardozo law schools have participated.

Among the courses available in the semester abroad program are
Fundamentals of Communications and Media Policy (4 credits), The Policy
Process, Policy Analysis and Public Sector Management (4 credits),
Politics, Law and Public Policy (4 credits) as well as classes from the
Legal Studies Department such as International and Comparative
Broadcasting Law (1 credit), Comparative Free Speech (2 credits).  All
courses at CEU are taught in English.

In their courses, students work with graduate students from around the
region and from Western Europe. They will be able to participate in many
of the rich offerings and lectures at CEU and are encouraged to become
actively involved in the projects hosted by the Center for Media and
Communication Studies (see

The Fall 2006 semester abroad program runs from September through
December 2006. Students can remain for the academic year and receive a
Master's in Public Policy ( Students can obtain
the semester credit at home (with permission from their home
institution) and the Master's degree from CEU within the one year span.

You application package should include:
- Completed application form
- One letter of recommendation
- Official transcripts from all universities attended
- Evidence of English language proficiency if you are not a native

CEU ( is a US-style English language graduate university with
a focus on the social sciences and the humanities, accredited both in
the United States and in Hungary, and located in Budapest, in the heart
of Europe. The university is oriented to interdisciplinary research on,
and the study of social change and the policy implications of transition
to open societies. In addition, emphasis is placed on European Union
affairs, as well as on the special features of non-Western democracies.
CMCS ( aims to be the vehicle for conducting various
international research and policy projects; researchers and experts
affiliated with CMCS play an important role in shaping national research
and development priorities in Eastern Europe. Budapest also provides a
unique opportunity for graduate students to travel to regional
historical spots such as Bratislava, Belgrade, Prague and Vienna.

Please  see our brochure at

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