> On Wednesday, February 20, 2002, at 08:21 AM, Erik Frisk wrote:
> >I know this has been discussed previously but I have not seen any
> >definitive answers (not sure there are any but...). We have had some
> >problems with pdf:s generated with 'dvips -Ppdf -G0' and distill/ps2pdf.
> >Some characters, mostly '-' or ')', have been missing in the printout
> >although they where present on-screen. One user claims that not using
> >-Ppdf and instead using -Pwww solved the problem for him.

My apologies if this is something obvious, but the man / info page
for dvips on my system doesn't have a -G option, and -P is used for
the printer you are selecting.  Does a newer version of dvips have
some sort of default pdf / www ``printer''?

Some version info (Debian unstable system):

    $ dvips --version
    dvips(k) 5.86e
    kpathsea version 3.3.7

    $ dpkg --list tetex-bin
    ||/ Name           Version        Description
    ii  tetex-bin      1.0.7+20011202 teTeX binary files

Thanks.  I'm always looking for yet another way to produce PDF from
TeX / LaTeX, since the results of such a conversion are so varied.

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