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> > > Is it possible to setup tetex to produce postscript files instead of
> > > dvi? I find that I'm almost always converting the dvi to ps, either for
> > > printing or even on-screen viewing ... I can type 'dvips ...; gv ...'
> > > almost in my sleep.
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> > this is why god (or other deity of your choice) gave you
> > pdftex.  just use pdftex followed by xpdf|gv|acroread.
> To be truthful, I'd not even thought of pdf(la)tex. Yes, this may be a
> reasonable solution...expect that it produces pdf, not ps, files. I'm
> not sure, but I think that to print pdf files to my postscript printer
> they first would need to be converted to ps. I'm really not all that
> familiar with pdf, except that I know that xpdf doesn't display type3
> fonts properly and acroread is huge and slow. Is there some overwhelming
> reason to use pdf instead of ps?

For printing, no, for electronic distribution of documents, yes.

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