On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Kalyan Mukherjea wrote:

> Hi,
>       To resume (briefly) an off-topic query that has elicited a
> number of responses (George White, Krzysztof Leszczynski amongst
> them)--- I had asked of the possibility of a reverse video switch
> (similar  in function to the one in xdvi) for ps and pdf readers.

Just to refresh people's memories, the original query was for an
inverse (white on black) viewing mode which is helpful for 
certain visual impairments and other situations where a light
background can create excessive illumination (in case you ever
need to view a PDF file during a blackout!).

>         George had suggested I contact the author of Xpdf --- a
> program I was not aware of. Thanks George! I contacted Derek Noonberg
> and within 3 days he sent me a patch to do this. In fact this will be
> a feature of xpdf-1.01 which Derek plans to release soon. Maybe I
> should also contact the author of gv (but who is he?) or can one
> convert ps to pdf? Xpdf has a pdftops utility but not vice-versa.

Ghostscript has a ps2pdf script which uses the 'pdfwrite' device.  The
pdfwrite device has been improving rapidly, so you want to use a recent
version of ghostscript (7.04), but if the PS were created files with
TeX and dvips, there is a bug that was only recently fixed in dvips
(http://tomas.rokicki.com/gpatch.diff) that can produce incorrect glyphs
when using Adobe fonts and the '-G' option in dvips.  I highly recommend
using the README file accompanying testflow.tex:


to make sure your (La)TeX, dvips, and ps2pdf are configured properly,
but of couse this won't help if you download a PS file created with
an older version of dvips.
> Finally --- thanks to all the people of the Free software community
> for their unfailing courtesy, patience and willingness to help those
> who need help.
> Kalyan

It is nice to hear that things worked out well.  

George White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Halifax, Nova Scotia

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