>> Hrm,.. I'm thinking of buying a MacOSX box. Am I wrong in my
>> that a \approx vanilla teTeX would compile and work? Interesting to know
>> whether or not I'd be able to follow "bleeding edge" with ease.
>> mh (old fbsd fan/user -- haven't enough followed the MacOSX/Darwin thing
>It should work (latest teTeX beta). I am in touch with the maintainer
>of the mac os x port and he tells me when something breaks on mac os x.
>The most recently fixed bug was an incompatibility of texconfig and zsh
>(with the result that the temp. directory directory will not be removed
>upon program exit), but I have already fixed that (just a few days after
>that 2002-05-30 beta).

Cool, thanks. Whatever relevant I find / stumble on (after purchase of OSX
I'll stay tuned with the list.




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