On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Christopher Pinon wrote:

> Hi again,
> I have a question about running texconfig on a console.  On one machine
> that I sometimes use (Slackware), running texconfig results in a nice
> menu of options that you can choose from.  On another machine (Debian
> Potato), running texconfig simply results in a list of options (no nice
> menu).  I was wondering what exactly is required for texconfig to
> present a menu.  I thought at first that ncurses was the requirement,
> but the Debian system has ncurses (both 4 and 5) installed, so something
> else must (also) be needed.

The "nice" menu display is done using the "dialog" utility, so you
should check that dialog is installed and works with your console.
For example, the TERM environment variable set incorrectly:

$ TERM=unknown dialog --yesno 'xxxxxxxx\nyyyy' 4 20 ; echo $?
Error opening terminal: unknown.

Texconfig trys to ensure that TERM has a sensible value
before running dialog (see the "check_terminal" function).

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