i'm not sure if this is the correct venue to raise this issue, but
here goes:

here is a trivial LaTeX document:

fill fill

when i run this through LaTeX, and then through dvips, the .ps file looks fine
when printed and when viewed using gsview  if the LaTeX is file
foo.tex, i generate the .ps file using: dvips foo . problems start when i
try to distill the postscript file to a .pdf file. for that operation, i use the
command: ps2pdf foo.ps foo.pdf .  when i read (or print) foo.pdf, the fi
ligature in the body of the document (i.e., in the word "fill"
following the abstract) is separated by an unusually large space from
the remaining letters. in both cases, the same .dvi file is used, so
the problem can't originate in dvips.  The problem  can be fixed simply by 
removing one of the two words "fill" from the absract portion of the 
document??!!  btw, the problem vanishes entirely when i remove 
\usepackage{times} from the LaTeX file.

the cause of this problem seems to be the UNIX version of 
ghostscript which is ultimately invoked by the ps2pdf macro.
on my PC at home, i have two versions of ghostscript:
one comes with the Cygwin package, and the other is the windows
version of ghostsscript, gswin32c.   i experience the problem with
the Cygwin ghostscript but not with gswin32c . Also, i experience
the problem with the ghostscript on my sgi workstation at work.

at first glance, this problem sounds like something i've read about
on this list when  \usepackage{times} is combined with dvips -Ppdf,
but i don't think that's really the case.  


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