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> From: Paul Garlick 
> Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 1:15 PM
> Subject:      upgrade problem
> Thomas,
> I have just upgraded teTeX to version 1.0.7 on my SGI IRIX machine
> (running IRIX 6.5.13) and all is not well.  When I run LaTeX and xdvi on a
> file I produce output that contains odd characters interspersed with the
> text.  Capital Greek letters are substituted for the intended letters
> (capital Pi for 'nt', capital Sigma for 'P' etc.).  I have run allcm and
> allneeded but this has not had any effect.  
> I have not done any special configuration (other than texconfig font rw)
> but somehow the fonts seem to be muddled up.  Neither LaTeX nor xdvi
> report any errors--just the wrong output.  Do you have any thoughts on how
> to fix this problem?
> Regards,
> Paul Garlick.

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