I wrote:

> Paul Garlick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> I have just upgraded teTeX to version 1.0.7 on my SGI IRIX machine
>>> (running IRIX 6.5.13) and all is not well.  When I run LaTeX and xdvi on a
>>> file I produce output that contains odd characters interspersed with the
>>> text.  Capital Greek letters are substituted for the intended letters
>>> (capital Pi for 'nt', capital Sigma for 'P' etc.).  I have run allcm and
>>> allneeded but this has not had any effect.  

Just for completeness, here's Paul's answer to my email:

> Problem solved.  It turned out to be an issue with the compiler used for the
> Feb 2002 version of the SGI freeware teTeX.  I have upgraded to the latest
> version and the odd characters are no longer present.

I don't quite understand how the compiler could affect the
character display, but there you go ...

Stefan Ulrich

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