if texdoctk is called from the $HOME directory and there exists a file
"texdocrc.defaults" in this directory, then texdoctk fails with an
error message: 

Couldn't open database ./texdoctk.dat.

There are two variables that describe locations of config files,
namely $sysrc and $myrc.

$sysrc is determined by running the command

kpsewhich --progname=texdoctk --format='other text files' texdocrc.defaults

The path searched by kpsewhich contains "." as its first element, so
$sysrc points to a file "texdocrc.defaults" in the current working
directory instaed of the real system file.

This is not bad in general, but obviously the value of $sysrc is used
to find the database file as well.

There are two solutions.  The first one is to move to an existing
directory ("/", for example) where a "texdocrc.defaults" certainly
doesn't exist. 

I tried "cd / && kpsewhich --progname=..." with success.

On Widows you could move to C:\ but probably L. User declares this to
his $HOME directory.

The second solution is to call the user config file "texdocrc"
instead of "texdocrc.defaults".  In this case you avoid trouble with
different systems.  Dvips looks for a file "$HOME/dvipsrc" and I think
that it is not a bad idea if texdoctk has a config file that looks


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