> The path searched by kpsewhich contains "." as its first element, so
> $sysrc points to a file "texdocrc.defaults" in the current working
> directory instaed of the real system file.
> This is not bad in general, but obviously the value of $sysrc is used
> to find the database file as well.

texdocrc.defaults is written to $HOME when the options are saved. This
is against Thomas R.'s intention and was introduced in TeX Live. I have
fixed this in beta4 (Thomas R. has written to me that he has no time
to work on texdoctk at the moment): the saved settings are not (again)
stored in $HOME/.texdocrc .

Maybe, an additional fix might be helpful:
  - my $database="$datadir/texdoctk.dat";
  + my $database=`kpsewhich --progname=texdoctk --format=${qq}other text files${qq} 

This is to fix the situation where a locally installed older texdoctk
in a local texmf tree had a texdocrc.defaults but no texdoctk.dat in
the local tree (older versions of texdoctk have used different names
for the database files).

Comments on this change?


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