On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Thomas Esser wrote:

> > I have a Linux box with mandrake 9.0, which ships tetex 1.07. 
> > My problem is: how can I figure out which are all fonts which are 
> > installed/usable ?

Usable for what purpose?

> It would be nice to have a document wich lists the fonts and the relevant
> macro packages to access them....

Scott Pakin's updated symbols.tex (for LaTeX) is the closest approximation
that I know. This is one of the first files I compile after a new install. 
In contrast to the 6-page "texdoc symbols", Scott Pakin's version gives me
42 pages, (1536 symbols) for my installation of teTeX-2.0.1 together with
a local texmf-fonts tree (mostly for ConTeXt). 

The trouble with attempts to compile lists of fonts is that there are
so many different requirements that a full discussion of each font
becomes a major project.  Are there compatible maths glyphs with all
the symbols needed in your subject area?  Is the font available in 
scalable outline form?  Are there commonly uses aliases for the 
font that may lead to confusion (e.g., Arial vs Helvetica vs 
NimbusSanL vs Swiss)?  Sometimes I need to use the Acrobat Reader
built-in fonts or the Laserwriter 35, other times I want to 
make sure that a particular font is embedded in the PDF and/or 
PS file.  You have to consider not only what is available to TeX,
but which fonts are provided by Acrobat Reader and/or the printer.  

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