On Tue, 25 Feb 2003, Maarten Sneep wrote:

> Hi,
> Can someone check something for me on a recent installation of teTeX (i.e. 
> teTeX 2.0(.1)) on some other platform than Mac OS X:
> In context I cannot get the uwr fonts to work. The following (minimalistic) 
> file shows the problem on Mac OS X using the distribution prepared by Gerben 
> Wierda. I want to figure out if it is a problem with his packaging or with 
> teTeX in general (I suspect the latter).

This isn't a bug in teTeX, just a question of how much configuration work
should be done buy the distro and what should be left to the user.  I use
ConTeXT with teTeX-2.0.1, but I have the font tfm's, vf's, and map files
created using texfont (see mtexfont.pdf from the ConTeXt web site) with
'texnansi' encoding in texmf-local/fonts.  Your example works for me if I
replace 'ec' with 'texnansi' (tested on Mandrake Linux 9.0 and SGI Irix

> %% start test file. Save as "test.txt"
> \starttext
> \setupencoding[default=ec]
> \useencoding[ec]
> \setupbodyfont[pos,12pt]
> \input tufte
> \stoptext
> %% end of the example
> Run this file with texexec (texexec --pdf test) and see if it works. On 
> TeXLive this works. Since this is what the author of context uses, I decided 
> to switch and it works fine. Since Thomas decided to include support for 
> context in his distribution, I think it should work on teTeX as well.

The texfont documentation suggests creating a texmf-local/fonts tree 
for the font configuration you use, so this is a bit out-of-scope
for teTeX.  I haven't the time now to make sure I can actually 
configure the ec encoding for the URW fonts, but in principle the
tools you need are there.
> The fonts I'm asking for are available to LaTeX, so it is a little more 
> detailed than "The fonts aren't there, dude ..."

It is far from easy to diagnose problems with fonts.  Add to that the 
need to support many different encodings and the fact that many programs
don't tell the truth about which fonts are actually being used.  

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