Dear all,

I have found an annoying bug with the \limits macro.
The minimal example attached says it all, I think.

This is mainly FYI.  I decided to rephrase the mathematics,
rather than researching for a fix, at least for now.

FWIW, MathJax handles similar TeX code correctly.
(For an example of this, see

:-- Hans Georg

\[ \mathop{\sum_{i=1}^n}\limits_{i\;\mathrm{even}} x_i \]

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Description: Adobe PDF document

# (C) 2016: Hans Georg Schaathun <>
# $Id: Makefile,v 1.4 2007/11/12 13:03:18 css1hs Exp $

all: test.html test.pdf

%.pdf: %.tex
        rm -f $*.aux 
        pdflatex $<

%.html: %.tex
        rm -f $*.aux 
        htlatex $< "xhtml,mathml,charset=utf-8" " -cmozhtf -utf8" "-cvalidate" 

        rm -f *.aux *.log *.blg *.out *.toc *.nav *.snm *.vrb comment.cut
        rm -f *.4tc *.4ct *.xref *.tmp
        rm -f week*.css week*.html f week*.idv week*.lg week*.svg week*.png
        rm -f test.pdf *.dvi 
i=1n i evenxi

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