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I just barely glimpsed at the map in the link, but I would bet this
landmark was one that was flooded
by the dam at Lake Amistad.     My archaeology professor at Texas A&M, Dr.
Dixon, stated in
a class lecture that the project destroyed an enormous amount of historical
( I took one semester only in 1985, I think )

[ Sidenote:  The only thing I got out of that class was the professor
looking me sternly in the eye and telling me that even if I had a P.h.D. in
archaeology that I
would be lucky to get a low paying job as a museum curator, and he knowing
that I had ambitions
to be a caver, implied to me the same for Speleology. ]    I guess I do
remember fuzzy things
about stratigraphy and some Danish dude, and something about hominid bone
resembling a skull found during a dig or expedition to Africa 100 years

Back to the old map,

I think the river marked San Pedro has to be the Devil's River.   But I am
sure what the river in the area marked Pallos Blancos could mean.    Pallos
would be
person's last name, unless the map-maker meant Palos and did not know how
to spell it.

Most noteworthy is that the landmark is 1/2 way between mouth of Pecos and
which would put it just west of the Devil's River meaning under or near the
shores of
Lake Amistad.
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