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It has been a year now since Houston caver, Jim, passed away.

In a sense, I still mourn his passing.

There were 10 old cavers at his wake with their partners/spouses and some
of people had also gone caving or socialized with Jim at caver parties back
in the 70s, 80s & 90s.

For me, there was something personal about Jim's passing.
He seemed to always have control over his life.    He loved to hoard odd
things from estate sales and had amassed thousands of dollars worth of

But a year before his passing, he appeared to have started a permanent
relationship with a lady and his personality did a bizarre 180.    I just
do not understand why he did the things he was doing shortly before he

I had a truck load of items I salvaged from his house before the estate
sale ( at least 2 ill-planned estates sales occurred twice in the month
before his unexpected heart-attack ).

Am I saying his passing was suspicious ??

I sent him a private email about 6 months before he died warning him that I
strongly disapproved of his behavior.

He thanked me for the advice, but did not use it wisely.

He should have lived longer.
He seemed healthy.
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