On 10 Jan 2016, at 5:35, Tim Bates wrote:

Currently unable to save changes to bundle items.

All bundle items?

permissions are:

-rw-r--r--  1 502  staff  814 24 Jan  2012 new variable.tmSnippet

Would need to see permissions for all ancestor folders as well.

Did you manually do anything with file permissions or the bundle folders?

Anyone else seeing this? I have the problem on another machine as well, possibly an el-capitan thing?

Not something I have heard before, nor do I see how 10.11 would cause this, but perhaps a bad migration could have messed up file permissions.

Any clues on what they need to be/ how to get to a working install?

You could try to recursively change permission and owner on all the bundle files.

PS: In this situation, the cmd-S action throws a “can’t save” dialog, but then trying to close the editor window throws a “don’t save | cancel, save” dialog which is frozen (have to quit tm to get rid of it). i.e., (obscure) bug.

Does this only happen if you ⌘S first?

For example if I go to the bundle editor, edit an item, and close the window, I get the dialog that you mention, but it is not frozen. Did you select save in that dialog, and is that when it frooze?
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