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The problem is that this information must be in the application’s Info.plist, so if TextMate were to import this from bundles, it would have to rewrite its own Info.plist […]
TextMate doesn't necessarily have to modify its own Info.plist, right? By constructing a helper app, e.g. in Application Support, with a tailored Info.plist based on info collected from the active bundles, and then using lsregister to register/unregister UTI types there wouldn't be any need to even run it (example below, based on http://apple.stackexchange.com/a/175395).

That is true, but if you want custom icons for the file types, they must be assigned to this helper app.

This means the app will be launched when opening one of the file types, and that’s where the signing requirement comes in, otherwise we’ll get a GateKeeper warning.

If the user has the developer tools, it might be possible to do ad-hoc signing, otherwise there is the ability to exclude certain files from the signing, so it could maybe be possible to include a signed helper app in TextMate.app where Info.plist and the Contents/Resources folder are excluded from the signing, but I have not tested if the system will actually allow this (the feature is so that language files can be stripped without breaking the signature, so it might be limited in scope).

So all in all, it might be made to work, but it’s definitely a kludge, and while I do like the thought of having the file type UTI definitions distributed over the bundles, it’s really no problem to add to TextMate’s Info.plist (via a PR), the only downside here is that only the major file types get custom icons, the rest share a generic document icon.

That said, if you do a proof-of-concept for the above, I’m certainly willing to give it a try and possibly merge it into TextMate, as we would only need the helper when installing bundles with new UTI definitions, so the implementation (e.g. right-clicking a file and seeing it’s assigned to “TextMate Helper”, or seeing “TextMate Helper” launching and quitting when opening the file) shouldn’t show up for “normal use”.

Btw: Using the main textm...@lists.macromates.com even for “dev” talk is perfectly fine, as it’s low traffic and the lines between “dev” and “users” with TextMate is blurry.
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