On Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 2:43:11 PM UTC-7, figaro wrote:
> I have been substituting the word `hack` with `plugin` on trac-hacks.org, 
> as this nomenclature aligns better with the common developers vocabulary. 
> These substitutions have taken place in wiki pages, however also in the 
> trac-hacks code there are places where the word `hack` appears, see 
> attachments. Is there a roadmap to completely remove the word `hack` from 
> trac-hacks.org and would this constitute a good start?

There is no roadmap or plan to remove the work "hack". In some instances it 
makes sense to use the word "plugin", but I don't think we should aim to 
completely remove the "hacks" from "trac-hacks".

- Ryan
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