Rs 40 Lakh Worth Of Food Saved & Distributed To The Homeless, Thanks To 
Dabbawalas Of Mumbai!

It's 2018 and for most people eating a meal out of a 'Dabba' may seem too 
antiquated, but for millions who live in Mumbai, Dabbawalas are synonymous with 


People who leave home in quest of a better future, those who forget their 
tiffins, those who stay alone and many others who just can't bring their own 
meals, Dabbawalas have been a constant support with home-like food, every day, 
around the year.
But this isn't the only thing they are famous for. Their magnanimous yet so 
well-articulated system has been serving as a case study in many top B-schools, 
yet, there is so much more to them. In December 2015, the Mumbai Dabbawala 
Association (MDA) came up with a plan to feed the destitute, needy and homeless 
people of the city. 


This initiative gave birth to the 'Roti Bank' - an association collects 
leftover food from functions and distributes it among the poor. Since its 
advent, their waste management drive has saved Rs 40 lakh worth of food from 
getting wasted.

"From the eyes of dabbawalas, Mumbai as a city has two different sides. On one 
hand are the well-to-do families which generate humongous food waste and on the 
other hand is the downtrodden society that cannot even afford one meal in a 
day. Being one of the largest food delivery services in India, we thought it 
was our duty to bridge the gap between two and thus was born Roti Bank" said 
Subhash Talekar, the man behind the initiative, reports NDTV. 


The MDA team has collaborated with many caterers, wedding planners and food 
joints across Mumbai. They also accept donations from individuals, communities 
or anyone who wants to help feed people. They then travel to different 
locations, collect food, check its hygienic standards and then distribute it 
within the next 3-4 hours. 

On an average, they serve 300-400 people on a daily basis. 

They go to hospitals, railway stations, slums, religious institutes and 
everywhere else that catches their eye. They engage themselves in drives, 
initiatives, events and encourage people to donate more and waste less food. 

In the same vein, they have also kickstarted a 'Clothing Bank', collecting 
discarded clothes for the same purpose. It's quite amazing the kind of ambition 
the MDA team has taken for the welfare of people. 

It is heartwarming to see what we as humans can do for our fellow beings if we 
have the right intent. Thanks to these guys lesser people sleep on an empty 
stomach and if join hands, maybe, one day, no one will go hungry. We salute the 
spirit and deeds of the dabbawalas! You guys are awesome.



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