Hello Theano users, 

can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong? My problem is best illustrated 
by simplified code at the end.
I get 1.15s for theano code, while weave and numpy take 0.0076 and 0.0019s 

In reality I try to integrate ODE using Euler steps. My state is vector of 
length 4 (scalar in example), 
I have nontrivial step function, and parameters. 

First I've build an expression to compute single step. Then I used 

scan(lambda a,b,c: clone(new_state,  
    replace={state=b, control=a, params=c}, 
    outputs_info = [init_state],
    sequences = [controls],
    non_sequences = [params])

to get a time evolution.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks 

Jozef Vesely

#!/usr/bin/env python

import time
import numpy as np

from scipy import weave

import theano
from theano import tensor

xinit = theano.tensor.dscalar("xinit")
y = theano.tensor.dvector("y")
c,u = theano.scan( lambda x,y: x+y, outputs_info = [xinit], sequences = [y])
f = theano.function(inputs=[xinit,y], outputs=c)

y = np.ones(100000)

started = time.time()
x = f(0, y)
print time.time() - started, x

started = time.time()
x = np.zeros_like(y)
weave.inline("for (int i=1; i<Nx[0]; i++){ X1(i) = X1(i-1) + Y1(i);}", 
print time.time() - started, x

started = time.time()
x = np.cumsum(y)
print time.time() - started, x


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