I installed theano in a conda environment using pip install theano.
While the tests ran without error, I observed a lot of deprecation warnings 
(using cudnn 5.1), no pyCUDA warnings and CVM does not support memory 
profile, using Stack VM warning.
But the tests are taking around 16hrs to run.

I ran theano-nose in the theano directory to see which tests were taking 
There is this one test that has been running for over 2 hours:
test_all (theano.sandbox.cuda.tests.test_abstractconv.TestCorrMMConv2d)

Anyone knows why this is happening and how to circumvent it?

The packages used by the conda environment are

# packages in environment at /home/users/sanilj/anaconda2/envs/theano_env:
nose                      1.3.7                     <pip>
nose-parameterized        0.5.0                     <pip>
numpy                     1.11.2                    <pip>
openssl                   1.0.2j                        0  
pip                       8.1.2                    py27_0  
python                    2.7.12                        1  
readline                  6.2                           2  
scipy                     0.18.1                    <pip>
setuptools                27.2.0                   py27_0  
six                       1.10.0                    <pip>
sqlite                    3.13.0                        0  
Theano                    0.8.2                     <pip>
tk                        8.5.18                        0  
wheel                     0.29.0                   py27_0  
zlib                      1.2.8                         3  

cuda version is 8.0

cudnn version is 5.1


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