I'm trying to implement a simple Boltzmann Machine using Theano. So far 
everything is working but I'm having the problem that I calculate some 
things more than once which is causing a quite noticeable but unnecessary 

You can check out my SO question  [1] but it boils down to this

    h1_activ = sigmoid(self.bias_visiblie + T.dot(D, self.W))
    h1_sample = h1_activ > rnds.uniform((n_samples, self.n_hidden )) 

    f_h1_sample = theano.function(
        # I'd like to take the result from 'h1_sample' and store it into 
        updates=[(self.H1_sample, ? h1_sample ? )] 

I'd like to know how I could store this intermediate result of h1_sample into 
the member variable.

Is that possible and if so how?

BR; Stefan

[1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40070098/can-i-store-intermediate-results


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