It is outside of my area of expertise, however:

*       No 1 seems dangerous, at the whim of future MS updates and there are 
bound to be people with non-standard setups, or very old Windows versions, any 
of which might break something that tries to be too clever.
*       No 2 is OK by me.

I don’t think I would use a ‘non-installed’ version.  The installer is compact, 
quick, easy and has proved versatile and reliable over at least 10 years.  I 
rely on file associations heavily, to tweak my system to make Therion workflow 



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About the installer problems...

Since I did the installer changes, here is that comes to mind:
1) I could try to make it more intelligent and to detect if there is an 
existing install location (all users or current user) and to install in the 
same one without the "All/Current user" prompt. This will probably not prevent 
all possible problems though.

2) Another solution would be to revert those changes and keep only the "All 
users" option, which requires admin privileges. This is how the older 
installers worked and always installed in Program Files.

In addition to that, there could be a portable edition of Therion, which is 
distributed as a ZIP file and the user would only need to extract it in a 
folder. There would be no association to the TH, TH2 and THCONFIG file 
extensions of course. Currently the code reads the install location from the 
Win registry, but it could be made to search for files in the current folder.

Does anyone have an opinion on what would be most useful?

Would you use the portable option, or the "Current user" installer?


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