I am supporting this proposal from my experience.

Am 2017-08-11 15:09, schrieb Footleg via Therion:
Having finally got around to updating my install to 5.4.1 I was trying to work out how the line colours had appeared in the official builds (Im on Windows). I see the ini file entries in both xtherion.ini and xtherion.new.ini, all commented out in both files. So I am assuming the colours are set by some hard coded defaults unless over ridden in the ini file?

Why are there two ini files? Are they both used by the application?

When this feature was first provided (via the email list) for testing, I commented that some of the default colours were not ideal from my experience. In particular the use of brown for unselected walls in the active scrap is not so easy to tell from the red selected item. As users are already accustomed to the blue wall lines in the active scrap, I changed this one to blue.

Rock borders look the same colour as survey legs and splays in background sketches brought in from PocketTopo, so I changed these to purple. So the only two changes I have to add into my ini file are:

set xth(gui,me,wallcolor) blue

set xth(gui,me,rockcolor) purple

The blue walls work well with the blue controlfill because the control points only appear on selected lines, where the line is turned red. So this is not confused with blue wall lines which are not selected.

I would like to propose these colours be made the defaults as I think it makes the editor easier to use, and I would like to reflect the default colours in the screenshots in my tutorial documents when I update them to reflect the latest release.


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