The default colors are indeed hardcoded in XTherion. They can be overridden
by un-commenting and changing the respective lines in xtherion.ini.
As for the, I think it was a backup copy of the settings
or something, and not really read by the application. I don't have the
sources at hand at the moment to check.

I can change the defaults for wall and rock to the ones you suggest and
they will make it to the next release.
I chose the defaults because they worked well for my setup, my screen, etc.
For other people the experience will be different. For example I use
TopoDroid and not PocketTopo, so I don't have a conflict with the
background splays.

Btw, Marco Corvi did some extra symbols for XTherion points, e.g.
stalactites, stalagmites, etc. So they don't all look like blue dots. I
didn't have a chance to test them and I think they didn't get copied to the
base repository and to the release. I'll see if I can dig them up later...



On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 4:09 PM, Footleg via Therion <>

> Having finally got around to updating my install to 5.4.1 I was trying to
> work out how the line colours had appeared in the official builds (I'm on
> Windows). I see the ini file entries in both xtherion.ini and
>, all commented out in both files. So I am assuming the
> colours are set by some hard coded defaults unless over ridden in the ini
> file?
> Why are there two ini files? Are they both used by the application?
> When this feature was first provided (via the email list) for testing, I
> commented that some of the default colours were not ideal from my
> experience. In particular the use of 'brown' for unselected walls in the
> active scrap is not so easy to tell from the red selected item. As users
> are already accustomed to the blue wall lines in the active scrap, I
> changed this one to blue.
> Rock borders look the same colour as survey legs and splays in background
> sketches brought in from PocketTopo, so I changed these to purple. So the
> only two changes I have to add into my ini file are:
> set xth(gui,me,wallcolor) blue
> set xth(gui,me,rockcolor) purple
> The blue walls work well with the blue controlfill because the control
> points only appear on selected lines, where the line is turned red. So this
> is not confused with blue wall lines which are not selected.
> I would like to propose these colours be made the defaults as I think it
> makes the editor easier to use, and I would like to reflect the default
> colours in the screenshots in my tutorial documents when I update them to
> reflect the latest release.
> Footleg
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