Apologies for cross posting, but I think this is of general interest to
Therion users too. I had not heard of this route to view 3D cave models in
a stereoscopic viewer before. If Loch could export models in a standard 3D
model format including the landscape overlays it would open up 3D viewing
options. E.g. A side-by-side image pair video signal can be viewed in full
colour 3D on many 3D TV sets and projectors. Loch does not provide a side
by side option currently. If it could export models to a format another
viewer can show then it gives a quick route to display models in this sort
of way.


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Perhaps easiest is to extract the data & use with a more mainstream viewer.

I had a lot of luck with Pymol (designed for biological molecules /
molecular dynamics), and Thomas Holder's python library for directly
importing .3d data:

Example video:

Pymol is open source, but a lot of the web links direct you to the pay

Pymol supports all kinds of weird and wonderful 3D outputs, including
shutter glasses. Mainly I've just used the 'cross eyed' stereo and anaglyph
(coloured 3D specs).

Back in ~2011 I wrote a C program that linked to Survex and exported the
.3d file to a '.CGO' set of graphics primitives. This was a bit more
clunky, but also worked fine.



On 30 January 2018 at 20:50, Pedro Silva Pinto

> Hi,
> Is there any way I could take advantage of the OpenGL 3D capabilities of
> Nvidia Quadro graphics card and see my surveys in Aven in Stereoscopic 3D?
> Regards
> Pedro
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