#6051: New API website not efficient enough for lookup of methods
    Reporter:  toad       |          Type:  Documentation
      Status:  new        |      Priority:  High         
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x    |     Component:  Documentation
     Version:  1.2 Final  |      Severity:  Normal       
    Keywords:  api        |   Php_version:  n/a          
Cake_version:             |  

 I would like to say that the new API interface is not very handy when it
 comes to look through the API of cakephp. Actually its more like a google-
 like search engine on documentation.

 Wouldn't it be possible to achieve the same results as doxygen in terms of
 efficiency ?
 Wouldn't it be possible to publish a doxygen version of the API, until
 your own API engine is mature enough to be the only one used on site ?
 So far by complaining about that in #cakephp, I received private queries
 of developpers having already their own doxygen API website because of
 this issue.

 Thanks guys, and don't forget to rock like you used to !

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