#5406: Add option to allow label to preceed checkbox when using $form->input
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        Type:  Enhancement                |        Status:  new    
    Priority:  Low                        |     Milestone:  1.3.x.x
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Comment (by michaelc):

 Replying to [ticket:5406 ADmad]:
 > Currently the checkboxes generated using $form->input always have label
 after the checkbox. There are times when u need the reverse i.e label
 followed by checkbox, but currently there's no way to do that.
 > [[BR]][[BR]]
 > So i propose that allow setting a key like 'labelFirst' => true in the
 $options array (or a more appropriate name) to achieve that. I have
 attached a diff against the form helper against rev. 7590

 Can be managed already using CSS stylesheets with selectors
 div.input.checkbox, div.checkbox label, and div.checkbox
 input[type="checkbox"], to get it to look however you need.  Unless you
 are processing the HTML in a special way, you shouldn't need to manage the
 order of output.  Could change the default order to process the label
 always first, but just by using display: inline, a fixed width, and a
 float, you can control which side of the label the checkbox ends up on.

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