#6084: The function dateTime should allow a user specified separator for time as
well as date
    Reporter:  k00k       |          Type:  Bug    
      Status:  new        |      Priority:  Medium 
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x    |     Component:  General
     Version:  1.2 Final  |      Severity:  Normal 
    Keywords:             |   Php_version:  n/a    
Cake_version:             |  
 == What I did: ==

 I used the $form->input helper to create 'datetime' select dropdowns.

 echo $form->input(
                                 'div' => false,
                                 'class' => 'add',
                                 'label' => array(
                                         'class' => 'basiclabel',
                                         'text' => 'My Date and Time'
                                 'type' => 'datetime',
                                 'minYear' => '2009',
                                 'maxYear' => '2011',
                                 'separator' => '',
                                 'selected' => strtotime('tomorrow 7pm')

 Please note that I supplied the 'separator' attribute as:
 'separator' => ''
  to remove the default separator of - (dash)

 == What I expected to happen: ==

 I expected it to remove any separators from the returned string.

 == Why it didn't meet my expectations: ==
 It worked as expected for the '''date''' portion of datetime, but it
 didn't do anything for the '''time''' portion, the : (colon) was still in
 place between Hours and Minutes. After reviewing the offending code, I see
 that the : (colon) is actually hardcoded when the time is built for

 IMO, this would be better if time allowed for its own separator character;
 rather than the default separator as dates and times are typically
 separated with different characters.

 Here's proof of the hardcoded colon in the time string:

 == Possible fix: ==
 Instead of hardcoding the : for separating the time pieces, allow this to
 be user-supplied in addition to the standard/default separator. It should
 not be the same as $separator because that would then not allow for
 select/date separators and time separators to differ.

 == Considerations: ==
 As I've not had time to research how this possible fix might affect other
 form helpers, there may be a better and less-invasive solution.

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