#6245: HABTM primaryKey identified in one direction only, bad DELETE queries
    Reporter:  cuppett           |         Owner:           
        Type:  Test Case         |        Status:  reopened 
    Priority:  High              |     Milestone:  1.2.x.x  
   Component:  General           |       Version:  1.2 Final
    Severity:  Major             |    Resolution:           
    Keywords:  HABTM primaryKey  |   Php_version:  PHP 5    
Cake_version:        |  
Comment (by cuppett):

 Ok.  With my patch, I still get the odd varchar<->int error (that I've
 never seen before on my regular app), but the DELETE queries on PostgreSQL
 26: DELETE FROM "posts_tags" WHERE "tag_id" = ('1')[[BR]]
 32: DELETE FROM "posts_tags" WHERE "post_id" = ('2')[[BR]]
 Which is fine for the operation, passes with the other exceptions (if not
 equivalent to MySQL below).[[BR]]
 From MySQL, I get:[[BR]]
 13: DELETE `TagsPost` FROM `posts_tags` AS `TagsPost` WHERE
 `TagsPost`.`tag_id` = '1' AND `TagsPost`.`post_id` IN (1, 2)[[BR]]
 18: DELETE `PostsTag` FROM `posts_tags` AS `PostsTag` WHERE
 `PostsTag`.`post_id` = 2 AND `PostsTag`.`tag_id` = ('3')[[BR]]
 Which is comparable to before the patch and still producing valid
 Not sure if my patch should be the end result, curious why MySQL gets two
 query predicates and PostgreSQL only has the one, but my directional join
 models seem to do the trick.

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