#6523: Result set of find() method different depending on conditions sepcifed on
MySQL views
    Reporter:  rb5894      |          Type:  Bug           
      Status:  new         |      Priority:  High          
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x     |     Component:  Model         
     Version:  1.2 Final   |      Severity:  Major         
    Keywords:              |   Php_version:  PHP 4 >= 4.3.2
Cake_version:  |  

 When using find() method on views the array returns splits into three
 different indexes right after I add one condition to the query
 'viewname.column' => $passedValue, if I remove this conidtion I get one
 index to reach columns.  That's how the returned record looks like with
 the condtion
 While without the contion I get

 This bug coused me to move my application from one server to another. I
 was using PHP5 before and couldn't narrow it down so I though it was PHP
 or server configuration.  Before moving the application the behaving was
 different as it wasn't based on the condition - just indexes were
 differnet.  On my local machine the results coming back were
 $rec['viewName']['colName'] on the hosted server it was
 $rec['0']['colName'].  I tough it was the hosting server that was the
 issues until I added this condition now, it became clear to me that it was
 the cake causing this weird behavior.

 I noticed that the names of the indexes are first part of the
 two/three/four word made of underscores. If I have two tables 1) cars with
 a column name and 2) roads with a column name and create a things view out
 of them with c_name and r_name for car and road names.  The record
 returned, after adding the condition, would be $rec['r']['rame'] and
 $rec['c']['c_name'] instead of $rec['Thing']['c_name'] and

 I'm sorry for confusing people with as I conbined two bugs into one, sort
 of.  To summarize two months ago I moved my application because indexes
 were different on my local machine then hosting server.  At that time it
 wasn't split into 3 different ones like I get one just one was different
 name instead of 'viewName' I had '0'.  Now the behavior was different as
 there is three different indexes for one view but I believe these two are
 connected somehow as it always happenes on the views and not tables.

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