Dear Friends,

I just published a new version v0.2.6 of Ipfs with TiddlyWiki.

You can save your wikis and their attachments over Ipfs, attachment 
encryption is also supported.
The only open free server I know is otherwise for a 
faster and more personal experience your need the tandem Ipfs Companion and 
Ipfs Desktop.

This version supports the following feature:
- Ipfs
- Ipns
- Unpin previous version
- Encrypt and Unencrypt attachments
- Ens, It means that the plugin is able to update your Ens domain to 
provide a better experience.

The official web site is reachable @
https://bluelightav.eth if you have an Ens capable browser or
This web site provides a full documentation.

As a test case I also published the official over 
Ipfs @

Bug reports and enhancement requests should be done on GitHub @


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