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I been wondering about whether "Base Packages" of TW component assemblies 
are getting desirable.

For instance. Say you are a Mathematician. 
What are the components that, together, would form a basic kit ("Lego Kit") 
to get you started well?

By "components" I mean ...

*- TW Edition best suited (or basic empty) + *

*- Plugins a mathematician needs +*

*- Macros that are ready for in-Tiddler Maths operations +*

*- Tweaks needed (& ready-applied).*

*   For instance, say, Maths orientated key shortcuts in editor ...*

Etc ... You get the idea?

If you have thoughts on this I'd be very interested to hear them. 

WHAT components would a Mathematician need?

The underlying idea is provision of packaged solutions better matched to 
end-user needs.

Best wishes

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