to make TW-Scripts work with Locator the following change were made

   1. solution plugin updated to support responder field as title list
   2. all responder fileds were space separated with [[]] for titles with 
   spaces using Commander
   3. in Locator, the responder filed was set as a list field
   4. filtered searches in Locator were reset
   5. the new release pushed to

Now it seems Locator Field works fine! a description is needed to teach how 
Locator should be used here in TW-Scripts.
It may also worth to create a TOC based structure in TW-Scripts!

One minor comment: how can I filter tiddlers have responder as Mrxsal OR 


On Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 11:45:44 AM UTC+3:30, bimlas wrote:
> I think that's good. But I don't know how to clear active filters from the 
> wiki on saving - should I use "temp" tiddlers instead of "state" (the 
> "batch" tag is still active)?
> I'd even like to change the "responder" field from a comma-separated list 
> to a title list (and change the field settings accordingly), but this is 
> not the job of the Locator, but rather of Tiddler Commander. ;)
> Anyway, what do you think of the plugin?

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