PMario wrote:
> ... There is no special marker for the tiddler store. So use the 
> id="libraryModules" and place your tiddlers in front of it. That's safe.
> You could also use the </noscript> marker and place your tiddlers after 
> it. Almost the same thing. 


I did this after "<div id="storeArea" style="display:none;">" following 
JR's comment.

<!--~~ Ordinary tiddlers ~~-->

<div id="storeArea" style="display:none;">
<div title="Perry Mason (1957) s05e23 - The Case of the Absent Artist 0002" 
tags="" modified="20200211194930568" created="19570101000000000">
Lash out with heavy blows. A true artist must first be an anarchist. Like 
him? Otto Gervaert? A yogi. But, Glovatski, have you seen his last 
painting, Day's Catch? Everybody says it's a masterpiece. I repudiate him. 
Fiona! Fiona! Come quickly. Do hurry, dear. Otto is back.
<div title="Perry Mason (1957) s05e23 - The Case of the Absent Artist 0003" 
tags="" modified="20200211194930568" created="19570101000000000">
I heard him moving around down there. He must have just got in. Maybe it's 
a bat flying around. The poor boy must be starved. Come along, Fiona. Otto, 
dear boy, welcome home. Oh, dear. He's gone again. This time he's not 
coming back. Nonsense. Of course he'll be back.
<div created="20160204225047445" modified="20160204225307847" 
tags="Articles" title="&quot;A free, open source wiki revisited&quot; by 
Mark Gibbs, NetworkWorld" type="text/vnd.tiddlywiki" 

etc ...


Do NOT use the HTML comment. Comments can and will be changed at will.

Okay! Why is that? Is it that the store would move them around?

My original idea was to insert a comment before and after inserted raw 
tiddlers so I could find them later. 
But your comment indicates that can't work? Right?

Just wondering!

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