After sharing, the "Welcome to ..." message still comes up even though it's 
not in the storylist. 
Is there a way to just display the desired items? Users will have already 
threaded a bit of 
a gauntlet with the red message of dread.

With the new safety warnings, could the plugin be more universally 
distributed? It seems to me that the 
real power of the technique is when you can share snippets on top of 
existing tiddlywikis that 
already have various plugins installed. You couldn't distribute an entire 
plugin easily with this 
approach, because plugins have to be saved and reloaded first. Plus they 
would push the size
of the TW over the edge of what the various url shortening services allow.


On Friday, February 14, 2020 at 7:13:08 AM UTC-8, Jeremy Ruston wrote:
> To try to mitigate some of the potential security risks of the tool, there 
> is now a warning message requiring confirmation shown before the wiki is 
> loaded (see the illustration below).
> Warning: This site is designed to share untrusted contentPlease do not 
> proceed unless you are certain you understand the warnings below
> This is a special site that allows users to share content for TiddlyWiki 
> <> without needing conventional hosting. Instead, 
> the content is encoded in the URL used to access the site. This means that 
> there are no controls or protections on the content that is shared, and as 
> such it may contain malicious links or any kind of content.
> Viewing links to this site in the browser is generally safe because web 
> pages are designed to run in a sandbox that prevents them from accessing or 
> harming your data. However, please exercise caution before downloading 
> content to your own computer, or importing content into your own TiddlyWiki.
>  Click here to see the tiddlers that are being shared
> *Only continue if you understand the risks*
> Proceed Cancel
> Technical details
> This web page is a TiddlyWiki <> loaded with the Share 
> plugin 
> <>.
> It has the special capability that at startup it can load raw tiddlers from 
> a block of JSON encoded into the location hash part of the URL (ie the part 
> after the # character).
> This is useful because it enables people to share working examples of 
> TiddlyWikis without needing to arrange special hosting. The only 
> restriction is that browsers and other Internet infrastructure frequently 
> limit the length of URLs to a few tens of kilobytes.
> Best wishes
> Jeremy.

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