Big update to Stroll (https://giffmex.org/stroll/stroll.html)

1) The dropdown to customize the edittemplate is finished, and is no longer 
just a goodie, but a part of the main Stroll site and the empty file. There 
is also a way to add it to your file even if you don't want Stroll itself. 
Thanks to Birthe, Mat and others who helped me with this.

2) I have either deleted or converted the non-system tags in Stroll to 
system tags, so that new users get a clean tag dropdown. 

3) Related tutorial changes, esp the Advanced stuff and Add Stroll to your 
TW tabs.


On Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 10:34:46 AM UTC-5, David Gifford wrote:
> Hi everyone
> 5-16:
> I added a Troubleshooting page to the Stroll tutorial tabs: 
> https://giffmex.org/stroll/stroll.html
> Also see the recent additions to the Goodies for Stroll page: 
> https://giffmex.org/stroll/goodies.html

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