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On Monday, July 20, 2015 at 6:14:16 PM UTC+2, Mat wrote:
> I find a lot of interesting javascripts I'd like to try out and study, but 
> I find next to no information on how to adapt scripts to work in TW.

I'm not exactly sure, what you need, because it depends on your existing JS 
skills. So I'd like to point out some resources, that may be useful and 
I'll start at the beginning: 

The JavaScript language itself: 

  - IMO Marijn Haverbeke wrote a "interactive" js book. 
    - It explains the basics. 
    - It talks about JS in the browser
    - and it talks about JS for nodejs. 

The cool thing here is, that the code examples are editable see: 
http://eloquentjavascript.net/01_values.html#p_GyQlmgK5IK If you click the 
code below the text and hit <ctrl><enter> it executes it. So you can nicely 
play with the examples. .. There is a menu top right of the editor. (I 
didn't read the second edition, but I did skim most of the first one and I 
liked what I saw)

So it basically discusses all elements we use in TW. ... We use all of 
them. So reading *and understanding *(examples) the stuff there will help a 

> Has anyone attempted to make an automatic convertor for this? 


Code found on the internet is mainly written for HTML pages, where one 
library opens one instance of a function. With TW most of the time we need 
to be able to initialize many instances of a desired function, so the 
mechanism is slightly different than shown in most of the examples found in 
the web. 

This makes using libraries a little bit different. ... but the mechanism, 
that is used is always the same. (see chapter 10 Modules in the book) .. 
Warning: Don't start reading there, if you are new to JS. (It will be 
frustrating) Start at the beginning!

> Input javascript output tiddlyfied javascript? Or is it trivial and no 
> special conditions or exceptions once you have the javascript?

TiddlyWiki has a philosophy how external libraries are included. ... The 
main difference here is, that libraries in TW are not hardcoded, like for 
all other HTML pages. Users are able to dynamically import plugins. Save 
the TW. Reload and the plugins have to work. So TW uses a very opinionated 
mechanism, that is not trivial. ... BUT it is always the same. So if you 
understand it once, you should be fine. 

See TW developer doc and I'm sorry ... The TW source code itself :/

> And, actually, I never quite understood why it was on the one hand decided 
> to disable straight in pasting of javascripts but at the same time it *is* 
> possible to re-make them to work.

imo 3 reasons:

 First: security. 
 Second: dynamically installable plugins. 
 Third: security!

Trust me. You don't want to enable script tags in tiddlers. ... You really 

> Is it just to introduce a *threshold* so it won't be *too* easy for 
> someone malicious to pop by with a script saying "here, run this on your 
> TW, it's great"?

No, it's not just security. 
TW needs to be able to initialize many instances of the same code in a 
defined way: aka Widgets. Otherwise we break the automatic refresh 


IMO, the easiest way to play with JS in TW imo is with javascript macros: 
see: http://tiddlywiki.com/dev/#JavaScript%20Macros  and 

You should be able to build your own TW with nodejs if you want to play 
with it. You can do almost everything within js macro code, except the 
widget stuff. 

Developer tools: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Tools  ... Have a 
closer look at: *Exploring and debugging* tools. They are very similar in 
Chrome and even IE. So use the browser of your choice. ... console.log() is 
your friend for debugging your own stuff. 

The developer doc is at: http://tiddlywiki.com/dev/ ... It should give you 
some more info about the core internals. 

While I'm sure, I'm opening more questions than I answered, I still hope 
this helps.

have fun!


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