I really like tidgraph and use it for several structures in my TW5. 

I can't seem to figure out Custom Modes though. I'm using GSD5, which is a 
GTD task manager, and it uses fields to store all the task data. A 
subproject has the field "gsd_project" which contains the title of the 
parent project. Similarly, an action with the field "gsd_action" which 
contains a title of another action, needs that action to be done first.

How can I use a custom mode to produce a project tree and a dependent 
action tree?

On Friday, 27 November 2015 03:44:32 UTC+4, ih...@newsfromgod.com wrote:
> Hi, 
>     This is a new version of Tidgraph with enhancements and bug fixes: 
> Version 0.9.5: 
>     * SVG collapse/expand button (thanks Tobias) 
>     * Mode subfilter can be specified directly in mode attriute 
>     * Doc update 
>     * Eliminate unneeded console messages 
>     * Fix arrow stroke size (regression) 
>     * Dashed style for edges outside main tree 
> You can find the installation here: 
> https://ihm4u.github.io/tw5plugs/#Tidgraph%20-%20Easy%20tiddler%20graphs%20for%20TW5
> For those that don't know, Tidgraph draws a graph of the relationships   
> between your tiddlers using tags, links or custom filters (called   
> modes).You can see a demo on the web page above. 
> Thanks!! 

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