This is fantastic, thank you for posting it.

I'm eager to set up a similar workflow for myself with tw5 and my mobile device 
and desktop computer.

My needs are that I need to be able to access my wiki without the guarantee of 
an Internet connection on my mobile device, and also, I would really need to be 
able to use git to track changes between multiple instances of my wiki.
I was thinking of using this:

And having a bare repo that my devices sync to, where each device has a unique 
git username. Since I'm the only one using it, it's unlikely to be out of sync, 
but if it does have a conflict, the daemon stops, and can signal me that I need 
to merge changes. I could even do it completely within tw5. The git-sync daemon 
could add its sync logs to the wiki, and add tiddler if it exits on failure. It 
could even be possible to merge within tw5. And I could have the most recent 
sync log in a .tid that is ignored, until after the sync succeeds or fails.

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