I'm working on a task where I need to convert a tiddlywiki file into a 
wiki folder.  I'm really not picky about the process, so long as I can 
automate it.  Right now, I've tried 
tiddlywiki /path/to/wikifolder --load wikifile.html --init server
tiddlywiki /path/to/wikifolder  --init server --load wikifile.html
tiddlywiki /path/to/wikifolder --load wikifile.html --savetiddlers [all[
tiddler+system]] /tmp/test2/tiddlers
tiddlywiki /path/to/wikifolder --load wikifile.html ---rendertiddlers [all[
tiddlers]] $:/core/templates/tid-tiddler /path/to/wikifolder/tiddlers text/
vnd.tiddlywiki .tid

None of these actually build the folder structure the same way that a 
wikifolder does.  And AFAIK, there is not 
tiddlywiki --load wikifile.html --save /path/to/wikifolder

If anyone has some advice I'd love some help.  

Matt Lauber

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