Ciao Mat

I been looking at the ".txt" file type.

I been looking around to see if there is a simple way to wrap long lines in 
"objects" of that type to make texts with long lines wrap so you can 
properly read them. I haven't found any. Maybe its a fundamental 
limitation? Because its not a part of TW file you can't enforce any styling 
on it? I'm not clear if JavaScript might be able to do that or not?

Best wishes

On Saturday, 13 May 2017 21:44:36 UTC+2, Mat wrote:
> The TWaddler, inspired by a request 
> <!topic/tiddlywiki/nwsbRISkYaU>, proudly 
> presents...
> RichLinks <>
> <:-)
> P.S - If you like TiddlyWiki, TELL your friends 
> <>.

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